Important Stained Glass Projects

We’re often asked “what are the most important stained glass projects you’ve worked on?” And while every project is important to its owner, and receives our best effort, some do stand out. Below are just a handful of important stained and leaded glass projects we’re proud to be associated with.

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

New York, NY
Steve Facey, Retired

Rohlf’s Studio has been the artisan for the Cathedral for over 20 years. We have restored the Ambulatory windows and have done the total re-leading of the St. Saviour stained glass window, plus new bronze supporting frame system, along with additional repairs to various Chapel windows to name just a few areas.


Restoration of Iconic Tiffany Stained Glass Clock at Grand Central Terminal (GCT) in New York City

New York, NY

Outside the Grand Central Station Terminal in Manhattan NY, the clock in front of the facade facing 42nd Street contains the world’s largest example of a Tiffany Glass clock and is surrounded by sculptures carved by the John Donnelly Company of Minerva, Hercules and Mercury, and designed by French sculptor Jules-Felix Coutan. At the time of its unveiling this trio was considered to be the largest sculptural group in the world. It is 48 feet high, with the priceless Tiffany Clock in the center having a circumference of 13 feet.

Rohlf’s Studio removed and restored the Tiffany Glass Clock as part of a 12-year complete renovation and restoration of Grand Central Terminal which began in 1992. Accessible only by a narrow staircase leading to a small ‘clock room,’ each piece was removed from the inside. The glass was brought to Rohlf’s Studio in Mt. Vernon where the process of restoring and replicating the priceless clock took place. Since the pieces had suffered heavy damage since their installation in 1914, Rohlf Studio repaired damaged pieces and replicated missing pieces as part of a complete restoration. After completion, each piece of the largest stained glass design ever created by Tiffany Studios was carefully reinstalled where it continues to overlook 42nd Street to this day.


Church of the Resurrection

Rye, NY
Tom Naughton, Owner’s Representative

The project ran 4½ years. This included the total restoration of all the stained glass windows (approx. 50) which entailed complete re-leading and new protective glazing. All set into stone openings.


Blessed Kateri Church

Lagrangeville, NY
Monsignor Desmond O’Connor, Pastor

This is a new Church. The owner purchased 100 year old Mayer of Munich stained glass windows which Rohlf’s completely restored and encompassed into twelve new openings. We complimented the tops with new painted stained glass in the Tracery area of each window.

We continued with the design and fabrication of all sixteen new stained glass windows for the Chapel and Meeting Hall with American Martyrs Saints, along with a Rose window in the Chapel of Blessed Kateri (now a Saint) and the main Rose window in the Sanctuary of the 12 Evangelists.

Rohlf’s also furnished and installed new thermally-broken aluminum frame systems by J. Sussman, Inc.-Jamaica, NY with 1” insulated glass.


St. John Episcopal Church

Stamford, CT
Mr. Garry Higgins

Completed stained glass restoration of the two Transept and one Tiffany Altar window depicting the Transfiguration. The Transept window had previously had the flesh poorly repaired. We replicated all new flesh for the window. The Altar Tiffany was completely disassembled of all plating (four layers in certain areas) and totally re-leaded. Badly deteriorated flesh was overpainted with microscopic glass and plated over the original glass.  All new protective glazing was installed on all three windows.


Christ Church

Greenwich, CT
Hilary Bernard

We have been working with the Church on a ten year stained glass preservation and restoration project. To date, we have completed the restoration and re-leading with new protective glass on the following circa 1910 windows: Good Shepherd Altar Window (the Gorham Co.-NY), the Resurrection window in the East Transept (Heaton, Butler & Bayne-London), the Ascension window in the West Transept (Mayer & Co.,-Munich), the Nativity Window (Mayer & Co.) in the Nave, along with others in the Nave. Where required, Rohlf’s Studio installed new vented protective glass and restored wood frames.


Yale University- Sterling Law School

New Haven, CT

Rohlf’s Studio replicated all new leaded glass, along with restoring painted medallions as well as replicating missing and badly damaged medallions.


Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church

Cincinnati, OH
Guy Humphrey

Restored all Tiffany stained glass windows in Sanctuary, including five lancet Rear window, Altar window and eight Nave windows were completely re-leaded. All badly faded flesh was overpainted on microscopic glass and plated over the original. New vented protective glazing was installed on the Rear and Altar windows.


Christ Church

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
Elaine Yates

Rohlf’s Studio undertook the two year restoration of the two dozen stained glass windows. Each phase was transported to our NY Studio for complete re-leading and re-waterproofing. All stained glass windows were reinstalled into the stone frame openings without protection glass.


St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Philadelphia, PA
Father Nektarios Cottros

Rohlf’s re-leaded and repaired the ten stained glass windows which dated from 1865. Wood frames were also restored during the process.


Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

La Crosse, WI
Sr. Christa Marie Halligan, FSGM

Rohlf’s designed, fabricated and installed thirty-one renaissance-style stained glass windows depicting the Life of Our Lady from July 2006-July 2008 for what has now become the international headquarters for the Marian Catechist Apostolate. Rohlf’s designer for the project was Alexander Sidorov. All thirty-one windows were reviewed and approved by Archbishop Raymond L. Burke who has since been elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Benedict XVI.


Basilica of St. John

Stamford, CT
Rev. Msgr. Stephen DiGiovanni

Rohlf’s Studio restored and re-leaded all the stained glass windows in the Basilica. In addition, we replicated the wood frames in the three main windows (Transepts/Front Balcony). Each frame was made of 7” mahogany. All other frames were restored and painted. New vented protective glazing was installed.


Cathedral of St. Augustine

Bridgeport, CT

Restored and re-leaded all stained glass windows with new protective glazing. Replicated new wood frame in Front Balcony window with new 6” mahogany. Designed, furnished and installed new Altar mosaic.


Restoration of Stained Glass Celtic Cross by Louis C. Tiffany

Kinnelon, NJ

St. Hubert’s Chapel is a small chapel on a diminutive island in a small lake in Kinnelon, New Jersey.  Erected in the late 1800′s and Accessible only by boat, the picturesque medieval-style island chapel features a thick, rustic, stained-glass window in the form of a Celtic Cross which illuminates the baptistery. This beautiful stained glass window is the brilliant product of the prolific studio of Louis C. Tiffany and Associated Artists.In the 1950′s, the window sustained some minor damage due to vandalism. Also, significant warping caused by the weight of the thick glass and the massive leading became apparent in this wonderful Tiffany piece by the 1990′s. Experts feared that if the measures had not been taken soon, the Tiffany treasure valued at more than $400,000, could have fallen out of its lead framework.

Stained glass artisans from Rohlf’s Stained & Leaded Glass Studio removed the Celtic cross window to begin its restoration. To correct the warping caused by the weight of the thick glass and the massive leading, the window was divided into ten sections. These window sections were then assembled into an unobtrusive steel frame to protect the window from vandalism and exposure to the elements. The steel frame was then double glazed with plate glass for added protection. The restored tiffany stained glass window was then reinstalled into a heavy new oak frame. This conservation may have come just in time for this splendid stained glass piece & will ensure it is enjoyed for years to come.